Baby Class



4月からお母さんと0歳~1歳児の赤ちゃんのための「ベビークラス」という新しいクラスが開設されます。開講日は月2回、各週の火曜日、10:00~10:40です。さらに12時まで無料開放されるお部屋で、お母さんと赤ちゃんにはお茶を飲みながらゆっくりとくつろいでいただけます(もちろん日本語で)。chako kana







English, Baby Massage, Stories, Songs and a Supportive Environment for Mom and Child

We have a new class starting from April called “Baby Class” for mother’s and baby from 0 to 1 years old.   It will be on Tuesdays, twice a month, from 10:00 to 10:40am.  Afterwards moms and babies can relax (in Japanese of course) during “tea time” which is open until 12 noon.

This class is unique at MAPLE as it will be taught in English and in Japanese.   It really is “the best of both worlds!” The first 15-20 minutes will be in English and moms will learn English songs, fingerplays, and picture books that they will be able to enjoy with the child as he or she grows up.    We will also teach some babysign (sign language) that will help you child communicate simple things like “more” or “hungry” before they learn to speak.

The second 15-20 minutes will be done in Japanese.  Here the teacher will guide parents was they do baby massage.   Our teacher is trained in baby massage and is also a professional kindergarten teacher who will read stories and do other enjoyable activities in Japanese.

Finally there will be “tea time”.  A time to just hang out and be together and talk with the other moms and teachers.

We are excited about this class as we think it will be a fun way for Moms to enjoy English, learn baby massage, have fun in Japanese and just be in a relaxed supportive environment.

Mom’s and babies can move on to our “Mommy and Me” class when the time is right for them.    This class is for children from around 1 years old (or when they are walking) until 2 years old.    We also have a preschool class for 2 and 3 olds and afterschool classes for children from kindergarten to grade 6.