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過去に軽井沢東部小学校や、長野県庁 国際課で働いていた経験を持ちます。

David Gray

davidemi@hotmail.comDavid has been teaching in Canada and Japan for almost 25 years.   In Ottawa Canada, he taught kindergarten and grades 3 to 8 in elementary school as a licensed elementary school teacher.

In Japan he is the owner and head teacher of MAPLE Kids English.  He is also a teacher at Shinshu University.

In the past, David has also worked at Karuizawa Tobu Elementary school and the Nagano Prefectural Office in the International Relations Division.

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Our Japanese Staff

Our Japanese staff are all very fluent in English and have all lived abroad for several years.

Part time Foreign Staff

We have part time foreign staff.   They include native speakers of English and near-native speakers from all over the world.   We are fortunate to have had teachers from countries like the US and Canada as well as guest university students who are fluent in English from Belgium, Holland, Venezela, Malaysia and more.   Our students are learning that English really is a language spoken all over the world.

Kris from Holland (right) teaching with Mayumi and David
Siti from Malaysia teaching with David
Jankie from Venezuela Playing Soccer with the children during natural time