〒390-0828 松本市庄内2-6-10 (ミッキーハウス松本園内)

Tel: 0263-28-3346 (火・木・金・土  10:30 ~2:30pm の間にお電話ください!)

The best times to call are Tues, Thurs., Fri, and Sat. from 10:15 to 2:30pm



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地図 Map to Maple Kids English

地図 Map to Maple Kids English










To MAPLE By bus

Below is a link to the bus timetable and map that will get you from Matsumoto Station to a bus stop fairly close to MAPLE.

The bus is called Town Sneaker. The route is the 南コース (South course) and the bus stop number is #59 Susukigawabashi-minami.

timetable link:

After you get off the bus, go south (go back in the opposite direction as the bus) about 100m  to the first small intersection.   Turn right and go west about 250m and after a

cabbage farm you will see a kindergarten building with a red and white sign saying ミーキーハウス。  We are located inside that building.

Please call us at MAPLE  0263-28-3346 if you would like more directions.

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