Spring Program March 19-30 2018

This March 19 to 30 (Mon to Friday) we will be having our “Spring Program” each day from 10:30 to 1pm.  (There will be no program on Tuesday March 20).

We will play with games, toys, sing songs, read stories, play outside, make crafts and each lunch together!    We also have friends who don’t go to Maple regularly who come and join us for this special program.   Kids are anywhere from 3 years old to grade 6.   You can come for one day or all the days … as many as you like!   We only ask that you have some English learning background.


Here’s my craft!


Preschool Graduation

Our preschool kids graduated this week!    Our children come to Maple from 10:30 to 12:00, plus optional lunch time, two or three times a week.

Their English has really improved quite a bit and on top of that they have learned lots of life skills that are good prepartion for regular Japanese kindergarten.



  • separating from Mom and being secure and independent
  • following routines
  • taking care of themselves and their things (getting dressed for outside, taking out their things from their bag and putting things away), using the toilet, washing their hands, tidying up
  • getting along with friends: sharing, taking turns, listening, expressing feelings appropriately
  • practice with drawing, using scissors and other skills

We had a lot of fun this year !   Playing outside, playing with toys, singing, story time, crafts, play dough, joking, laughing, eating together!



Summer Program 2017



Every summer we have a fun program for about 10 days during the holidays from the end of July until the middle of August.   Children who don’t normally come to Maple are also invited to come as long as they have some background in English.  What do we do?

Well from 10:30 to  1:00 we:  play with toys or games, make a craft, play in the pools, eat lunch and have storytime and songs.   It’s a lot of fun!!   Here are some photos!


Outside Play


  • 砂場で遊びたい
  • 縄跳びをしたい
  • 三輪車に乗りたい
  • (おもちゃの)家の中で遊びたい
  • サッカーをしたい


Playing outside is part of most lessons at Maple.     After storytime the kids love to say “I want to ….”.

  • play in the sandbox
  • jump rope
  • ride a tricycle
  • play in the (play) house
  • play soccer

There is lots to do on our yard and this is part of what makes Maple special as a English conversation school.


Summer BBQ

7月1日に開催されたバーベキューの写真をいくつか掲載します。(7月1日はCanada Dayで、今年カナダでは人々がカナダ建国150周年を祝いました。)参加いただいた子ども達、保護者の方々、そしてスタッフの皆で、バーベキューのためにおいしいバーガーや食べ物を一生懸命作りました。また一緒にゲームをして楽しみました!

Here are a few photos of our summer BBQ on July 1.  (July 1 is Canada Day and this year Canada celebrated it’s 150th anniversary since becoming a country.)  We had a nice turnout of children and parents and the staff all worked hard to make yummy burgers and food for the BBQ.  We also enjoyed playing games together!



Spring Program March 20-30 2016


We had another fun Spring Program.  We sang fun new song, made crafts, read books played outside and ate lunch together.  Below is are some highlights


Grade 6 Graduation


On March 11, our oldest students graduated from Maple.  It was a joyful and sad day.   Joyful because it is so nice to see how much they have all grown and progressed.   Of course it was also sad because they are leaving.   These children have been with us for a long time, some since they were babies.   Here are some pictures below of our special day.