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I am the head teacher at Maple Kids English in Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture. I have been teaching for 25 years. I have an elementary school teacher's degree (Canada). I taught in elementary school in Canada. Currently I teach at Maple and at Shinshu University in Matsumoto. I am married to Emi. She is Japanese and we have 3 children.

Norikura English Camp



The older elementary schooled children loved our all English summer camp.  I think it was the best camp we have ever had.  Picnics, mountain climbing, camp fire, water fun, bedtime stories and much, much more … all in English with several native English speaking teachers and a nice group of 8 children.  Kids often tell me that this is their favourite memory of Maple Kids English.  They also realize that English is a real language that is fun to use with people from around the world.  English is not just something you study at an English language school.  Here are some photos below!!


Regular Fun at Maple!


プレスクール英語クラス Preschool English Class

Preschool Group Photo




Playing with Blocks on Our Yard

あなたのお誕生日はいつですか?彼の/彼女のお誕生日はいつですか?When is Your Birthday?  When is his/her birthday?

When’s Your Birthday?


Here are some photos of the typical fun we have in our preschool and after school English classes at Maple!


Summer Program 2018


クラフトの時間サマープログラム Craft Time Summer Program

Fun with Crafts!

ボートクラフト Boat Craft

Boat Craft

楽しいプール Fun in the Pool

Fun in the Pool

おもちゃ! Toys!

Happy Together!


Every year during the summer school holidays  (last week of July and first 10 days of August)  (10:30 to 1pm) we had a great summer program with our preschool children and afterschool elementary students.  We had fun doing lots of crafts, play in the pool, stories and songs.   Here are some photos:



Preschool Picnic May 2018



プレスクールグループ写真公園にて Preschool Group Photo at the Park

Preschool Group Photo

池の側にて By the Pond

Spotting Turtles and Fish in the Park


Every year our Maple kids preschool children have a fun picnic with their parents and teachers at Agata no Mori park.    We enjoy singing songs, exploring the park and eating lunch together.   It’s a good time and a nice way for parents to get to know each other better!





Spring Program March 19-30 2018



魚、ティッシュペーパークラフト Fish, tissue paper craft

Here’s my craft!


This March 19 to 30 (Mon to Friday) we will be having our “Spring Program” each day from 10:30 to 1pm.  (There will be no program on Tuesday March 20).

We will play with games, toys, sing songs, read stories, play outside, make crafts and eat lunch together!    We also have friends who don’t go to Maple regularly who come and join us for this special program.   Kids are anywhere from 3 years old to grade 6.   You can come for one day or all the days … as many as you like!   We only ask that you have some English learning background.


Preschool Graduation

今週メイプルでは、プレスクールの子ども達が卒業しました! 子ども達は週2~3回、10:30から12:00までのクラスとオプションのランチタイムをメイプルで過ごしました。


  • 母親から離れ、安心して自立すること
  • 日常の活動を順を追って行えること
  • 自分のことは自分ですること(外に行くための支度、かばんから必要な物を取り出す、片付けする)、トイレを使うこと、手を洗うこと、きれいに片付けすること
  • お友達と仲良くすること:分かち合う、順番に行動する、聞く、適切に感情を表現する
  • 絵を描くこと、はさみの使い方や他のスキルを練習すること


Our preschool kids graduated this week!    Our children come to Maple from 10:30 to 12:00, plus optional lunch time, two or three times a week.

Their English has really improved quite a bit and on top of that they have learned lots of life skills that are good preparation for regular Japanese kindergarten.

  • separating from Mom and being secure and independent
  • following routines
  • taking care of themselves and their things (getting dressed for outside, taking out their things from their bag and putting things away), using the toilet, washing their hands, tidying up
  • getting along with friends: sharing, taking turns, listening, expressing feelings appropriately
  • practice with drawing, using scissors and other skills

We had a lot of fun this year !   Playing outside, playing with toys, singing, story time, crafts, play dough, joking, laughing, eating together!



Summer Program 2017



Every summer we have a fun program for about 10 days during the holidays from the end of July until the middle of August.   Children who don’t normally come to Maple are also invited to come as long as they have some background in English.  What do we do?

Well from 10:30 to  1:00 we:  play with toys or games, make a craft, play in the pools, eat lunch and have storytime and songs.   It’s a lot of fun!!   Here are some photos!