月別アーカイブ: 8月 2018

Norikura English Camp



The older elementary schooled children loved our all English summer camp.  I think it was the best camp we have ever had.  Picnics, mountain climbing, camp fire, water fun, bedtime stories and much, much more … all in English with several native English speaking teachers and a nice group of 8 children.  Kids often tell me that this is their favourite memory of Maple Kids English.  They also realize that English is a real language that is fun to use with people from around the world.  English is not just something you study at an English language school.  Here are some photos below!!


Regular Fun at Maple!


プレスクール英語クラス Preschool English Class

Preschool Group Photo




Playing with Blocks on Our Yard

あなたのお誕生日はいつですか?彼の/彼女のお誕生日はいつですか?When is Your Birthday?  When is his/her birthday?

When’s Your Birthday?


Here are some photos of the typical fun we have in our preschool and after school English classes at Maple!


Summer Program 2018


クラフトの時間サマープログラム Craft Time Summer Program

Fun with Crafts!

ボートクラフト Boat Craft

Boat Craft

楽しいプール Fun in the Pool

Fun in the Pool

おもちゃ! Toys!

Happy Together!


Every year during the summer school holidays  (last week of July and first 10 days of August)  (10:30 to 1pm) we had a great summer program with our preschool children and afterschool elementary students.  We had fun doing lots of crafts, play in the pool, stories and songs.   Here are some photos: