Special Class for 帰国 and former International School Children

If you child has been living abroad and going to school in English you are probably planning to have your child continue to learn English in Japan.


We are organizing  a class with “returnees” as well as kids who have gone to international schools in Japan and overseas.   If you are interested in such a class for your child, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can help your child keep his or her English ability.

Your Child Has Unique Abilities and Needs

We understand that your child has unique abilities and needs that are different from the average child studying in Japan.   Your child needs to be in a classroom that is for kids with high level English abilities.  A class where he or she can speak fluently in English with other children.  Your child needs more challenging and interesting materials that are used in English speaking countries.

I was an elementary school teacher in Canada (David Gray) so have many years experience teaching in that kind of environment.

Contact us so we can help your child continue to do well in English!


Below is our Returnee page







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