月別アーカイブ: 8月 2014

Preschool is Going Great !!


The preschool children are doing so well.  They are learning how to take care of themselves and are more and more independent.  Many children were scared of the water but they learned to really enjoy it over the summer and had a great time splashing and playing!!   The children are now singing enthusiastically and using more and more English!

pool preschool

We are having a lot of fun playing in the water !!


We are learning how to get ready to go home!! Another fun day at MAPLE !!


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English Camp in Norikura!



Grades 5 and 6 had another amazing camp in Norikura staying at Northstar.  We had fun with our camp directors from the English speaking countries.   We did a water hike in special wet suits, hiked in the woods to a waterfall, played games, made crafts, enjoyed wall climbing, sang songs at the camp fire and … we did it all in English !!

Enjoying Lunch at the Picnic Table!

Enjoying Lunch at the Picnic Table!


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The Summer Program Was Fun!



Hi Everyone!  We had another two weeks of fun in our summer program!!  Everyday we had a great time outside watering seeds, swimming in our pools, going down mini-waterslides, sliding and a racing tarp, squirting guns and playing with toys!   We made lots of fun crafts, read stories, ate lunch together and the kids learned many new songs and we did it all in English !!  Here are a few pictures below!   (see our summer camp for the older kids below!)

DSCF8320 Summer Program Lunch

summer program watering plants

I wonder what our seeds will become !?!


Sliding !!

DSCF8332 - コピー

A fun craft!


A great stamp craft !!

DSCF8345 - コピー

Fishing in the pool !!