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Preschool: 2 to 4 Days a Week



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 1. 子どもにとって母親は初めての、一番大切な人間関係を築く存在です。私たちは子どもが幼少時はできる限り母親と過ごすことが大切だと考えています。

2. 子どもは少しずつ家庭の外との関わりを持つことにより、安心と自信をもつことができます。

3. メイプルのプレスクールプログラムを通して、母親中心の世界から、母親と幼稚園という外の世界へのお子様の成長のお手伝いをします。多くの子どもたちが3歳になると幼稚園(保育園)に行き、今まで母親との2人の生活から、20人~40人のお友達や先生との週5日(5時間以上)の生活というライフスタイルの変化に、ストレスを感じています。メイプルでは、週に2回~4回、90分間のプレスクールレッスンを通して、子どもたちはゆっくりと”外の世界”へ順応していくことができ、翌年の幼稚園(保育園)に入園しても困らないようになっています。

4.  3歳は自然に英語を学ぶのに一番良い時期です。時間にも余裕があり、自然に楽しく身につけることができます。 


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より詳しい内容はこちらをクリックしてください。    プレスクールプログラム 



Our Preschool Program !!

Our (2 to 4 days a week, 90 minutes a day) “Preschool program” has been running for over 10 years.  It starts each year in the spring for children who are 2 years old or 年少 (1st year of kindergarten) age.    We have made this program less expensive for parents who want their children to come 3 or 4 days a week …. but still with the same high quality of educational standards!

Here are some details of the program:

  • Tuesdays to Fridays, 2 to 4 days a week from 10:30am to 12:00am
  • starting from 23000 per month (for twice a week)
  • kindergarten facility with a large yard
  • Foreign teacher has a teacher’s license
  • at least one Japanese teacher with a teacher’s license
  • curriculum of songs, fingerplays and stories
  • outdoor time on a large yard and “hands on time” with crafts, play dough, etc…
  • great ratio of one teacher for every 3 to 4 children
  • *possibility of school lunch

The Philosophy Behind this Program

1. Relations with Mom and Dad are your child’s first and most crucial relationship with society.

I believe that a child’s earliest years should be spent, as much as possible with his or her mother and father.  Our role at MAPLE is to support your role.

2. A child should enter the social world gradually and feel safe and confident!

MAPLE’s preschool program helps children (and moms) go through a gentle transition of total care by mom to “shared care” between Mom and the kindergarten.  Most children go through a very stressful change in lifestyle from 100% care by mom to receiving the majority of their care from kindergarten teachers 5 days a week (5 or more hours a day) along with 20 to 40 other 3 year olds.   At MAPLE a child moves along a much more gentle transition.   Typically 2 year old come for only 90 minutes twice or three times a week.   Once they come close to kindergarten age (年少)、they can come 4 days a week.  Your child will enjoy a very comfortable ratio of one teacher for every three or four children.

3.  Two to Three years old is a great time to learn English naturally because they have time and energy to do it!   It’s natural, it’s low stress (fun) and it works!!

Your child will be in a fun safe environment and at the same time they will learn English!!   Our experience is that children who come to MAPLE as much as 4 days a week will improve in English dramtically, that is, quickly and noticeably.   Your child will learn routines and social skills that will help him/her adjust well to Japanese kindergarten the next year!!  He/she will have a solid base in English.    We have an afterschool program for kindergarten and elementary school children so that you can keep and build on that base.

Teacher Qualifications

Our head teacher, David Gray, has a teacher’s license in Canada and has taught preschool children for 8 years.   Our Japanese staff also have many years of teaching experience.

To learn more click on this link.   preschool program

Be sure to contact us if you would like to know more at 0263-28-3346.

See our アクセスpage for details on our location.


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